In Jul. 2019, the 2nd 8-colour Bengraphic F3, a servo driven narrow Flexo-printing press was succesfully installed in FLEXIMIR-V in Pyatigorsk Russia.

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  In Jul. 2019, the 2nd 8-colour Bengraphic F3, a servo driven narrow Flexo-printing press was succesfully installed in FLEXIMIR-V in Pyatigorsk Russia.

  We were told the succesful experiences of FLEXOMIR-V has had when we visited Mr. Nasirleav Rustam Kudratullaevich, the commercial manager of FLEXOMIR-V as following:

  When we first time entered the labelling marketing in 2012, we bought our first stacking Flexo printing press from ZONTEN. It was running very well with high quality of printing products and satisfied our customers. In 2014, we installe the 2nd stacking Flexo printing press from ZONTEN to increse our capacity and the capabilities to produce more types of label.

  With the continual incresing of our customers and our employees, we met more and more higher demands on lead time and quality, capacity and capability from our customers. Then we invested our first Bengraphic F2 Flexo priting press, which with 8 printing stations and Delam/Relam, Cold foil, Rotory screen and other in-line technologies processes.

  The more important things for us is that, after the machine has been installe by the engineers from Begraphic, we found more possibilities to produce varieties of label in different processes and also we have developed a multiple label market, for which we would say it's uniqe to our customers.The most valuable thing for us is to keep machine running in a high efficient way even for some difficult and complex design. We can not only provide high quality products to our customer but also can deliver them in shorter time.

  This year the 2nd Bengraphic F3 has been installed in the factory. It is nature for us to make the choice, so we can develope more capacity and more types of products. To have the second Bengraphic machine based on our recognition to the high performance and good services.

  It's easy for the operators to know kow to operate the machine in a short time.

  It has a simple and stable operational interface.

  It needs a very short set-up time, only in minites.

  With the new printing press, we have developed a new market of single layer film printing. Our capacity and sales has been increased 1.5 time.

  I would like to express our thanks and appreciation here to the staff and engineers of Bengraphic, for their giving a very quik responce and feedback to the customers' demanded or suggested and for their continously improving the quality and operational conveniences of the machine.

  I wish both our two companies, Bengraphic and Nlservice, have a rosy prospect.

  We expect Bengraphic developes more new printing technologies and hope both companies could grow and develope together and approch a win-win achievement together.


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