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Product No: BG-F3

Product Name: F3-FLEXO PRESS

Specifications: 330/420mm 13/17INCH

Product notes: F3FLLEXO PRESS

Product Class: FLEXO PRESS


Product description

F3 Flexo Printing Press



*Short web path,

*Quick changeover without tooling,

*Quick set-up and pr-registration,

*Hot air or UV drying,

*UV  rotary screen,

*Cold  foil,

*Movable rail for other option,

*Turn bar,Delam/relam,Diecutting,Sheeting&Laminating etc,

*Chiller drum is option,

*Record the data of different material,

*Lock ink cassette by air cylinder,Separted Anilox with ink pan.  


Speed: 150m/min

Web width: 330/430 mm

Repeat length: 229mm-502 mm

Max.unwind diameter: 760 and/or 1200 mm

Max.rewind diameter: 760 and/or 1200 mm

Max.units: 12

UV curing power: 400 w/inch

Features introduction

The entire operation is humanized due to the above mentioned technologies. Operator can easily run the equipment.Plates change for each order only takes 20 to 30 minutes. Substrate waste during start up is around 30 to50 meters. The waste during web change can be controlled within10 meters. It is a piece of equipment suitable for short and midsize run. Actual production speed can be easily reached up to 100-120 meters/min. It fits for long run job as well.

1. Servo drive
Built-in full servo driven system offers more capabilities which makes the operation much easier, stable and eliminates bar marking effectively.


2. Short web path design
Short web path design for only 1.3 meter within a printing station can reduce material waste during start up and printing job change .Because total footage of a system equipped with eight colors printing plus two die stations is less than 15 meters.


3. Pre-registration and pre-pressure setting
Pre-registration and Pre-determined pressure mechanism will maintain anilox pressure and impression pressure after plate cylinder changed to shorten the time of jogging and reduce substrate waste


4. Nip device on waste rewind
Nip device on waste rewind to guarantee waste matrix to be unbreakable during high speed production which increases effectiveness and yield of production since we can push matrix width to the minimum required by the cutting edge of knife.


5. Advanced tension control device
With an advanced tension control device, the lables on 12 micron film, sticker and paper board can all be printed using the F5 flexo printing press. Change of operating speed will not affect registration. There is no waste during jogging and all the way up to production speed.


6. Movable rail
Movable rail makes the flexo press earier extend more options, including a delam/relam device, UV rotary screen, turn bar, die cut, screen print, laminating and cold foil.

7. Lock ink cassette by air cylinder
Lock ink cassette by air cylinder, Which makes operation easier and more quickly change. Separated Anilox with in pan, as well as avoids the removal of the anilox roll when changing the ink.

8. Drying
Drying options include hot air and UV drying (or LED UV). UV drying equipment is from Europe, and self-designed hot air drying enables solid printing to be dried at 40
at 150 m/min.

9. The control system can record and recall process parameters of different materials.

10.The water cooled UV curing system, ensures materials maintain a suitable temperature when UV drying, and is suitable for the processing of thermal deformation materials.

11. It is equipped with an internet access function so that all devices can be remotely maintained and upgraded.

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